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Alloy Wheel Refurbishment

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Have you scuffed or kerbed your alloys? Would you like them looking like new again?

If you are looking for alloy wheel refurbishment in Colchester and the surrounding areas, we can help.

Email us photos of your alloy wheels and we will provide a quote for full refurbishment back to their original, concourse condition. We will normally respond within 24 hours.

No need to send your wheels away. We can take care of those scuffed alloys with our speedy alloy wheel repair service. We offer the fastest alloy wheel repair in Colchester.

Using factory matched paint, we can match any colour. For a more detailed explanation of the process and what is and is not possible, have a look through the Frequently Asked Questions section below.

Average prices for Alloy Wheel Repairs

Alloy Wheel Repair prices start from just £50 per wheel

Prices do depend on the damage. A repair to a wheel with just 1 minor 2″ scuff will cost less than a wheel that is scuffed around half of the rim. Once the damage is inspected, a quote will be provided.


Special Colours prices start from £60 per wheel

Our prices are very competitive and whilst we know we are not the cheapest we know that we offer a great quality repair at an affordable price.

Cheap is not always good!


FAQs about Allow Wheel Repairs

Do you offer a full refurbishment service?
We can repair minor scuffs and scratches to most alloy wheels. We do not offer a sand blasting or a powder coating service. If your wheels are corroded or have peeling paint, then they will probably require a full refurbishment which requires bead blasting. At present we only repair minor curb scuff damage to the Alloy wheel rim or face.
What damage can you repair?
We can repair most minor scuffs that spoil the look of your wheels. We offer a same day service for this type of repair.
Do you remove the tyre from the wheel?
No, we do not need to as we break the bead on the tyre and push the tyre back from the rim. Doing so allows access on and around the entire rim. We do this as it ensures a long lasting quality repair. Beware of other companies offering to repair wheels that do not at least break the bead first. We have had to refurbish many wheels for customers where they have been tempted by a cheaper wheel repair only to have paint flake off after a few weeks. If you are shopping around for the best price then always ask what the process is for wheel repair. If the bead is not broken then best to avoid!
Are you fully insured?
Yes, We have specialist insurance for moving vehicles, working on them and repairing wheels, as well as the statutory employers’ liambility and public indemnity insurance.
Do you repair buckled or cracked wheels?
No, It is best to replace rather than take a risk. It is easy to cover over a crack by welding but the wheel will always have a weak spot. We can repair most scuffs and scrapes but not cracked or buckled wheels.
Do you sandblast the wheels?
No, we only repair minor scuffs on alloy wheels. They can be repaired without sandblasting. We do not normally repair corrosion on alloys which would need sandblasting.
Will you re balance the wheel for me after it has been refurbished?
Yes, if they are repaired at our workshop and they require it. However, because we only repair minor scuffs the wheel can be repaired without the need for removing the tyre from the wheel. Therefore the wheel does not need to be re balanced. If we need to remove the weights on the wheel then the wheel will be re balanced before being refitted to the car.
How do you get the same colour, What is the process.
The wheel is cleaned and the valve is removed. The bead is broken to enable us to push the tyre away from the rim. The tyre is covered up to protect it. The wheel is cleaned with acid and specialist cleaners. The damage is then sanded smooth and filler gels are applied to build up the damaged area. The area is primed ready for the colour. The paint is custom matched to your wheel. We have many different shades and textures of alloy wheel silvers. The paint is applied and blended over the repair and into the existing paint, then a special scratch resistant lacquer is applied to give a rock hard diamond shine and protect the repair. The repair is almost undetectable when finished! Yes, unbelievable but true.
How long does it take?
On average a wheel takes minimum of 2 hours. A set of 4 alloys will take a day.
How long before I can drive the car afterwards?
Once the wheels are on the car, the vehicle is ready to go. We recommend the wheels are not washed for 7 days to let the resins fully cure. However, rain or snow will not affect the repair finish.

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"I am writing to compliment you on your skill and workmanship and to say how pleased I am with your repair – the removal of quite serious rippled dents in the rear passenger door of my car. I am reckoned to be something of a perfectionist, and I can only wonder how you managed to remove the dents without damage to the paintwork and consequently make the repair to the door impossible to see. Once again I compliment you on your skill and thank you for a first class job."

Richard Morgan


"I recently purchased a 7-year old BMW 523i black estate. For a car of that age it came with the usual knocks, scuffs and some minor rust. I can honestly say that your service converted it from what it was to a near brand new vehicle. I am so pleased with its looks and I will without doubt recommend your services to my family, friends and acquaintances."

John Davy


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