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Paintless dent removal is ideal for most minor dents where the paint is not damaged and the back of the dent is accessible. The typical dents we can remove are those your car collects at the car park when other drivers park too close and open their doors hitting your car. This often results with an annoying door ding.

What is more annoying is that If you were to have this damage repaired at the bodyshop, the chances are that they would fill the dent and repaint the panel. This repair can cost a few hundred pounds and leave you without your car for days. Not to mention the problems trying to blend in the colour with other panels. Because of the hassle and expense, people often live with the dent.

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This does not need to be expensive or a big problem. Using our skills and specialist tools we can massage out the dent leaving the paint intact and you with a dent free car at a fraction of the cost of a fill and repaint repair.

Paintless dent removal can also be used on many other dents to either remove or improve the dent.

There are a few exceptions that generally apply

  • The paint must not have any splits or damage
  • The dent can not be on or near the edge of a panel
  • There are no sharp creases or buckles.
  • The panel is not double skinned
  • The area has had previous paint work.

As long as we can get access and apply pressure behind the dent, we should be able to remove it.

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Some bigger dents can also be removed depending on the location of the damage. We can make most dents dissappear without a trace.


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