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If you return your cars back to the leasing company, beware that you may receive penalties to have minor damage repaired. Penalties that can sometimes add up to a lot more than getting the car prepared for return. We offer a Prep for return service. we come to you and inspect the cars, which must be clean. The car will be inspected in the same way it would by a leasing company. The damage will be written down and then options will be explained. Most leasing and contract hire companies will allow fair wear and tear, so we may be able to tidy up the car to get it to an acceptable condition.

Using our service, you can have your car made look like new again in just a few hours. We can repair most paint damage using our PCR (Paint Chip Repair) System. This enables us to be able to repair cars that have stone chips that would otherwise need repainting. High mileage cars often get peppered on the Bumper and Bonnet due to Stone chips. These Chips are often exposed metal or primer that MUST be sealed to avoid rapid corrosion. The only way Body shops do this is to carry out a costly re spray of the entire panels effected. We use a different approach, Not everyone wants or can afford the traditional type of repair, we can carry out a professional touch up service at a fraction of the cost of a re spray. A touch up will be a 70 – 90% improvement of the damage. It is not possible to do 100% Undetectable Touch Up but we can guarantee that the repaired area will look much better and will be better protected from rust and corrosion. Our Touch ups will Never wash or fall out. Get A FREE Quote

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We offer 10% off our already competitive prices for Motability car owners.  This discount may not be used with any other deals or offer.

Motability car drivers get a £200 ‘Good Condidtion’ bonus when their return their cars if the car has been kept in good condition. While our work will cost you, the cost will inevitably be a lot cheaper than the £200 that you could loose when you return your Motability Car.

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